Op-Ed: Biden Shows Gun Control Isn’t About Guns – It’s About Control


The White House fact sheet announcing the Biden administration’s anti-gun agenda reveals that the man currently occupying the White House not only has zero respect for the Second Amendment but also has contempt for the very nature of our nation’s form of government. Indeed, the administration’s recently announced agenda demonstrates disrespect for the Constitution’s separation of powers, designed to be a structural protection against tyranny. Let’s start with the basics. The executive branch does not issue laws — only Congress may craft legislation. The Constitution requires that laws must be passed by both chambers of Congress — known as the “Bicameral Clause” of the Constitution. And such bills become law only if signed by the president, or after his veto is overridden — the “Presentment Clause” of the Constitution. Without complying with these requirements, no new law — and certainly no new crime — can be enacted. To be sure, the president’s recent gun control announcement began by calling on Congress to pass a series of anti-gun laws — each of which would be unconstitutional but would at least follow the constitutional procedures laid out above.

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