Meet the Woman Who Could Send Donald Trump to Prison


As the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation into potential bank, tax, and insurance fraud by Donald Trump ramps up, there are a number of key figures whose names likely sends shivers down the ex-president’s spine (or would if his handlers had actually explained the seriousness of the situation to him, rather than keeping him in a hermetically sealed bubble wherein he’s only told the election was stolen from him and some day soon he’ll be crowned President for Life). Obviously, one of those people is Cyrus Vance Jr., the veteran D.A. running the investigation who obtained Trump’s tax returns in February. Another is Mark Pomerantz, the prosecutor brought onto the case who helped put John Gotti behind bars. Additionally, there’s Morgan Magionos, who helped bring down former Trump aide Paul Manafort. Yet perhaps the most worrisome figure is an individual who hits closer to home, whom Trump has known for years — Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law of longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

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