Is Joe Biden setting up Kamala Harris to fail?


Joe Biden handed Kamala Harris the job of “point person” for the border crisis on March 24, and for three weeks now, she’s been AWOL. She’s an embarrassment to the Biden administration at this point, as New York Post columnist Miranda Devine notes, pointing to the growing severity of the crisis. Joe, in fact, actually created the crisis, first by incentivizing child migration with a vow that no illegal child migrant, even one brimming with COVID, could ever be sent back, and bringing back catch-and-release for everyone else. Biden’s also suspended construction of the border wall, which has turned into a gift to the human-smuggling rackets. He’s rescinded President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols and diplomatic agreements with Mexico and Central America to keep illegal migration minimal. U.S. diplomats now are reduced to pleading with Central American states to hold fair elections, make themselves transparent, end corruption, and respect separations of powers, all standard elements of democracy repeated to them a million times by past administrations, which Joe and Kamala don’t actually follow themselves.

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