Grand Jury Indicts School Board Members For Alleged Secret Discussions About Racial Agenda


Two Texas school board members were indicted on charges that they violated the Open Meetings Act as they discussed a racial agenda that was widely opposed by their constituents. Carroll Independent School District (CISD) president Michelle Moore and vice president Todd Carlton were indicted by a grand jury for texts involving the school district’s “Cultural Competence Action Plan,” The Texan reported. The board is required to meet in public, but the texts allegedly involved enough school board members that it may have amounted to a secret, unofficial meeting under the law. In December, a judge separately instituted a restraining order prohibiting the school officials from moving forward with work related to a District Diversity Council, which in August issued a 34-page plan that included a proposal for racial training in schools that would cost $425,000 the first year, including $35,000 for speakers. The cultural competence plan called for hiring “a Director of Equity and Inclusion” and “embed[ding] diversity and inclusion training for students as an ‘enrollment to graduation’ process in all grades.”

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