Canada’s Military Has Become A Shambles


Decades of bipartisan neglect, and now a Liberal government simultaneously obsessed with political correctness and political cover-ups is betraying the once-proud legacy of the Canadian Armed Forces. Nobody likes to say this about the Canadian Armed Forces, but the sad reality is that it has become a shambles. Ask yourself when the last time was you heard a positive story about the CAF? Personally, I can’t recall one in years. Instead, the CAF only gets in the news when there is a procurement scandal, when Veterans are being mistreated, or now, with a seemingly endless parade of top military officials resigning and being ensnared in investigations. This comes amid a Liberal government that has continued the decades-long bipartisan tradition of underfunding the military, promising ‘future funding’ that never seems to really materialize and leaving our men and women in uniform stuck with substandard equipment. It’s gotten so bad that governments don’t even feel the need to pretend they care about the military. And now, the Liberal government is making clear they don’t even care about addressing the complete breakdown of leadership in the CAF.

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