VP Harris’ response to migrant crisis borders on the absurd: Devine


It’s humiliating for the president that almost three weeks since he appointed Kamala Harris as his border point-woman she still hasn’t visited the disaster zone, come up with a plan or held a press conference on the migrant crisis. Instead, she’s visited a water-treatment plant in California and a bakery in Chicago, where the press pool reported on her sweet tooth last week. “Her favorite is German chocolate, and [she] gets that for her birthday each year, and her staff had pre-ordered a slice for her. The bakery’s specialty is caramel cake, and she said she was looking forward to that too.” Riveting stuff. Meantime, the self-inflicted humanitarian tragedy at the southern border has spiraled out of control, opinion polls are heading south, the Biden appointee in charge has abruptly resigned, El Salvador’s president has refused to meet the visiting US envoy, and the VP is defying her boss and staying far away from the stinking mess to protect her reputation. But while the pair play “pass the parcel,” the vacuum of leadership is only fueling a humanitarian catastrophe.

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