Trudeau Liberals pushing for internet law that targets hurtful words against politicians


Justin Trudeau’s Heritage Minister has suggested that internet censors should attempt to ban mean words against politicians. Steven Guilbeault often gets into trouble for speaking his mind about internet censorship (he’s in favour). This time, however, he has vehemently argued for a “kill switch” for when websites are saying hurtful words, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. Speaking about the matter on a podcast, Guilbeault said that “we have seen too many examples of public officials retreating from public service due to the hateful online content targeted towards themselves.” “As a dad and a stepdad to six kids, continued Guilbeaut, “I know more can and should be done to create a safer online environment.” Despite the seeming vast disapproval that Canadians have for internet censorship, the Trudeau Liberals are set to plow ahead with the legislation. “I am confident we can get this adopted,” added the minister. The Liberals will discuss the bill further during their convention, which costs a desk-thumping $499 to attend as an observer.

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