So-Called Federal Government ‘Anti-Racism’ Training Is Actually Deeply Anti-Canadian


A clear effort is being made to indoctrinate people into opposing the ideas of individual rights and individual responsibility that are at the heart of the Western Civilization upon which Canada is based. The Post Millennial has reported on the so-called ‘anti-racism’ training being pushed by the federal government. Right off the bat, it refers to Canada as “a colonial settler society”: “Canada — a colonial settler society — is a concept based on many myths, including European discovery and harmonious multiculturalism.” Individualism, objectivity, and the written word are literally the foundations upon which Western civilization is based. To somehow claim this is ‘white supremacy’ is not only insane, but it is deeply dangerous. Ironically, it’s also deeply racist, as it somehow implies that non-white individuals aren’t interested in individualism or objectivity. That would certainly be news to the countless people who come to Canada specifically to be in a society where individual rights and an attempt to seek the truth are highly valued, rather than brutal authoritarian regimes that expect people to believe in lies. It gets even more messed up.

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