Singh targets Liberals in bid to rally NDP faithful during testy national convention


Jagmeet Singh took aim at the Liberal government Sunday, firing an opening salvo that sounded strikingly like a campaign battle cry ahead of a possible election later this year. Capping a three-day policy convention plagued with hiccups and frustrations, the NDP leader sought to unite the grassroots around a message of fair treatment, financial relief and Liberal failures during the COVID-19 pandemic. His unwavering focus on the Grits stood in contrast to remarks from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who made nary a mention of New Democrats in his keynote speech at a Liberal convention Saturday. Despite the drudgery of the online gathering, where the void of in-person energy was filled by testy points of order and a stream of social media complaints, Singh passed a vote on whether to hold a leadership review with flying colours, garnering 87 per cent support. As the Liberals reiterate pledges on national pharmacare and child-care systems — the party has backed both ideas since the 1990s but made little headway on either — Singh is leading the NDP further left on a plan to cancel billions in student debt, eliminate for-profit long-term care and impose a wealth tax.

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