Politicians Will Keep Buying The Public Off With Our Own Money Until We Stop Being Fooled By It


If we let the government continuing increasing taxes, and then feel ‘grateful’ when they give some of that money back to us, why wouldn’t politicians keep trying to get away with it. With recent surveys showing the Liberals with a substantive lead in the polls, many people ask “how is this possible,” or feel the polls must be wrong. And while individual polls can certainly be off, the trend is what really matters, and the trend has been going in the Liberals’ direction for some time. As Ryan Grieve noted on Twitter, a big part of the reason for this is that Trudeau has virtually no opposition: “Trudeau faces no serious opposition from the other parties or the media.” Trudeau faces no serious opposition from the other parties or the media. That lack of opposition also partly applies to the Conservative Party, who are struggling under Erin O’Toole to resonate with the public. But there is also a deeper issue going on here, and it’s the fact that politicians increasingly feel they can get away with buying the public off with our own money.

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