Attorneys Reveal Ruthless ‘Torture’ of Imprisoned Capitol Riot Suspects, One Left Partially Blind with His Face Smashed Like a Tomato


One of the hallmarks of the American justice system used to be its systematic commitment to fairness at all levels. There was a time when individuals who were accused of a crime were presumed innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of the personal and political beliefs of a prison guard or a corrections officer, U.S. prisoners were expected to be treated with respect and their rights maintained while behind bars. If the stories about the brutal treatment endured by some of the Capitol incursion suspects are true, then justice itself is becoming the latest casualty in the left’s war on America. According to a Politico report, attorneys for defendants in the incursion say one suspect, Ryan Samsel, was beaten so severely by corrections officers at a Washington, D.C., jail, that he is now said to be partially blind. Another suspect, Ronald Sandlin, appeared in court last week and described conditions at the D.C. jail where many of them are being held. According to Politico, the defendant said tensions “are running high between guards and inmates” and they are “locked in their cells with virtually no human contact for 23 hours a day.”

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