Trudeau government claims ‘objectivity’ and ‘individualism’ are ‘white supremacy’ in bizarre anti-racism training


New documents surfacing on Thursday regarding the Canadian federal government’s anti-racism training reveal that their definition of racism is not only overly broad, it appears to have a distinctly political tint to it. “Canada — a colonial settler society — is a concept based on many myths, including European discovery and harmonious multiculturalism,” opens one text. According to the Toronto Sun, another document available to the public insists on the “fact” that only white people can be considered “racist”: “While assumptions and stereotypes about white people do exist, this is considered racial prejudice, not racism,” participants are informed. “Thus, racial prejudice can indeed be directed at white people (e.g. ‘white people can’t dance’) but is not considered racism because of the systemic relationship to power.” According to these authors, “blackface” is considered to be overt white supremacy, along with things most people would agree were truly horrible, such as residential schools. However, organizations like the Proud Boys are also included, despite it being public knowledge that people of all colours and backgrounds are on their roster.

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