Liberals slammed for refusing again to allow staffer to testify on WE Charity scandal


In what was meant to be one of its last hearings on the WE Charity scandal, the federal ethics committee once again refused to hear a Liberal minister who was sent to testify instead of the witnesses the House of Commons actually requested. “It’s disappointing that we find ourselves for a third time experiencing the Liberals’ ‘Choose your own adventure of parliamentary democracy’,” Conservative MP Michael Barrett said during Thursday’s committee meeting. “We’re now jammed up with shenanigans that leave us unable to complete our report.” Much like a similar meeting last week, the Conservatives, NDP and Bloc Québécois were outraged that the Liberals blocked another high-ranking staffer — this time Ben Chin, a senior advisor at the prime minister’s office — from testifying in front of the committee despite a formal request in the form of a motion adopted by the House of Commons two weeks ago. Once again, the Liberals opted to send Associate Finance Minister Mona Fortier to testify instead, citing “ministerial responsibility”. And once again the opposition committee members voted to adjourn the meeting before Fortier could utter a single word.

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