‘Very real chance’ Donald Trump will go to jail amid escalating legal woes


Two-and-a-half months after leaving the White House, Donald Trump is, among other things, reportedly plotting a 2024 reprisal of his role as leader of the free world, from the comfort of his eponymous Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida’s Palm Beach. But if the former president’s escalating legal woes are anything to go by, there’s a “very real chance” he won’t be heading back to the White House, but to prison instead.In addition to being the defendant in no fewer than 29 lawsuits, according to The Washington Post, the 74-year-old is also the subject of multiple criminal investigations — including one in which lawyers had obtained access to his tax returns, after a four year fight on Mr Trump’s part to keep them secret. The investigation into whether, along with the Trump Organisation, he has committed bank, tax and insurance fraud has stepped up a notch in recent weeks, when the personal bank records of Allen Weisselberg, the self-described “eyes and ears… from an economic standpoint” of Mr Trump were subpoenaed.

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