The Trump fundraising scams continue with the NRCC


Last week the New York Times dropped a bombshell report detailing the extent to which the Trump campaign had scammed its own supporters into providing them a nine-figure, interest-free loan. The crux of the grift was the Trump campaign’s deceptive email practices which, among other things, chose to make recurring donations the default setting for supporters who were lured in by the campaign’s hyperbolic and conspiratorial fundraising pitches. As a result, elderly Trump supporters on fixed incomes had their bank accounts depleted, causing their rent and utilities checks to bounce. Altogether the Trump campaign had to refund $122 million in online donations from their own supporters who had been duped. Score another one for the party of the working man. The NRCC was admirably undeterred by this revelation. For starters, Donald Trump has not started a new social media site yet, he’s just talked about it. And if we learned anything from Infrastructure Week, the Trump healthcare plan, The Great, Beautiful Wall That Mexico Paid For, and his sacred landslide re-election victory, it’s that vaporware is Trump’s primary product.

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