Half of Canadians believe journalists mislead the public: poll


A new poll suggests that half of Canadians believe the media is purposefully misleading the public to support their own agenda. The study released by consultancy firm Edelman found that 49% of Canadians believe journalists are “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.” “Not one information source – traditional media (55%), search engines (47%), owned (32%) or social media (22%) – is trusted in Canada and the latter three are distrusted. All four information sources have witnessed a decline in trust compared to last year,” Edelman wrote. A total of 52% surveyed also believe most news outlets are more concerned promoting their own ideology than telling the truth. Recently, there have been various instances of journalists promoting their own opinions rather than reporting factual information. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, legacy media outlets have targeted anyone who opposes strict lockdowns in the past year. Canadian journalists have also gone out of their way to fawn over the Biden administration in the United States.

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