Derek Chauvin Trial, April 8 Live Updates: Lung Expert Says Restraint Used Against George Floyd Would Have Killed A Healthy Person


Dr. Martin Tobin, a lung and breathing expert based out of Chicago, testified that a healthy person would have died if they were restrained as George Floyd was on May 25 — lying prone, in handcuffs and with knees pressing on their neck and back. The doctor told the court that he could tell by Floyd’s facial expressions “the moment the life goes out of his body.” A slow-motion clip of the widely-seen bystander video was played in court, showing the precise moment to the jurors. Tobin explained that because of his work in an ICU, he’s “very familiar with watching people die, unfortunately.” According to Tobin, when Floyd gasped his last words — “I can’t breathe” — he still had oxygen in his brain. But shortly thereafter, he suffered a major loss of oxygen, as evidence by a movement of his leg captured on body-worn camera video. “Bottom line is the leg jumps up like that as a result of a fatally low level of oxygen in the brain,” Tobin said. Additionally, Tobin said that the elevated levels of carbon dioxide recorded in Floyd’s blood were a result of lack of oxygen, not fentanyl.

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