Canada No Longer Feels Like A Free Country


The direction of events is moving closer and closer to authoritarianism, with freedom increasingly being abandoned. An assault on freedom in Canada. This is a level of authoritarianism that would have seemed absurd a year ago, yet here we are with these actions being increasingly normalized and even cheered on by a segment of the population. The fact is, Canada no longer feels like a free country. It would be reasonable to go a step further, and say that in many ways, Canada is no longer a free country, and much of the political class is determined to turn that into reality. Canada is built on a foundation of freedom. It’s a large part of what drew people to this country from around the world, the freedom of the frontier, the freedom to speak our minds, the freedom to move and travel within our country, the freedom to associate with who we choose. While the word freedom is criticized by some as ‘too American,’ it is in fact deeply Canadian, so deep that it is in our national anthem as a core description of our nation as “The True North Strong & Free.”

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