BONOKOSKI: Justin Trudeau’s guinea pigs respond not so kindly


The guinea pigs have weighed in and none is too happy that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is using them as a “human experiment” in order to save political face on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. My Sunday column on the Trudeau Liberals’ skipping the manufacturers’ recommendation to give second dose after 21 days, not Trudeau’s four months, certainly rattled the hornet’s nest. “It amounts right now to a basically human-population experiment,” admitted Mona Nemer, the Trudeau-appointed Chief Science Advisor to the Government of Canada. So there you have it. Trudeau, having botched the vaccine supply, is now trying to stretch it out in order to get the first dose in as many arms as possible — even though the second shot within three weeks is vital for beating down the contagion because the first shot will degrade over time and be rendered useless. He thinks this will somehow make him look good at election time.

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