Biden adds stupidity to his lies about Georgia’s voting laws


If Biden were merely senile, I’d fear for America but perhaps summon up some sympathy for him. But he’s not merely senile. He’s a vicious, creepy, stupid man, and his nonstop attacks on Georgia are Exhibit A in the case against him. In his latest pronouncements, not only did Biden continue to lie about the Georgia law, but he implied that the Masters Tournament should move from Augusta, Georgia, where it’s been held since 1934, as if golf courses were fungible, not unique. As you all know by now, the Georgia Legislature looked at the inefficiencies of its elections and decided that the state could do better. Therefore, it passed a bill expanding voting hours, increasing the number of pre-election days on which people can vote, and creating more drop box locations. It also did away with signature analysis as a means for verifying absentee ballot requests, a method that can be arbitrary and capricious, and, instead, asked for requesters to submit some common form of identification. It was this last request that drove leftists insane. If voters have to submit identification, that lessens the opportunities for election fraud.

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