Tucker Carlson isn’t the only one speaking out about Trudeau’s internment camps


“What if your next door neighbour suddenly went dangerously insane and starting holding people hostage in his house?” Asked Tucker Carlson during his evening show on Wednesday — the most-watched political show on television. He was talking about boring old us, Canada, and how under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, “Canada took a dramatic move toward legitimately dangerous authoritarianism.” He was referring to an order released by Trudeau on Monday, outlining the latest bit of Martial Law being imposed on Canadians. “Now is not the time to travel. If you have plans to head somewhere for the long weekend, cancel them,” Trudeau instructed. “For those who need to travel, take note of the measures that are in place when you return to Canada: If you’re flying back into the country, you’ll need to show a negative PCR test result before you board the plane. When you land, you’ll need to take another PCR test. You’ll then have to wait at an approved hotel, and at your own expense, for your results to come back.”

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