TDSB report accuses WE Charity of reinforcing white supremacy, not being anti-colonial enough


A report to be presented before the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) slams WE Charity and its sister organization ME to WE as not being “anti-colonial” enough for the public school board and for allegedly contributing to the reinforcement of white supremacy. On August 6, 2020 the TDSB voted to cut ties with the organization and to suspend all ongoing agreements following the charity’s ongoing federal student service grant scandal. The board also directed staff to undergo a review of its relations with the organization. At the time, media reports indicated that WE was selected by the Liberal government to oversee a $900 million fund despite the company having extensive financial ties with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his family and members of the Liberal cabinet. Following disclosures and committee investigations into the charity, it was revealed that the Trudeau family had received at least half a million in compensation from the organization.

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