China is exploiting the weakness of the Trudeau Liberals


One of the oldest lessons of history is that responding to bullying with weakness only encourages more and more bullying. And yet, we seem to keep having to learn that lesson over and over again. We continue to see China exploiting the weakness of the Canadian government, with ever-escalating aggression. China has tested the Canadian government and has clearly found it to lack strength. Much of what China does is about saving face, and they will thus look for the weakest nation to concentrate their bullying efforts. After all, the weaker a target is, the less of a response that could cause China to lose face. So, we see Canada become more and more the focus. Sadly, this is no surprise. Consider all the things the Canadian government could have done to demonstrate strength: Put tariffs on products from China. Ban Huawei. Impose restrictions on foreign investment from China. Reduce Canadian universities’ dependence on foreign students from China. Boycott the Olympics. Increase our military spending to deepen our commitment to democratic allies. Invest in Canada’s Rare Earth Minerals. Expel China’s ambassador.

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