Breaking: Ford says ‘further restrictions’ in Ontario will be coming ‘very quickly’


Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that the province would see further restrictions “very, very quickly,” though he did not expand on what those restrictions would be. Ford made the announcement on Tuesday, one day after medical officers from Ontario’s three largest public health units called for stronger stay-at-home measures and a province-wide shutdown. “We have to focus on where we see the problem. Three regions; York, Peel and Toronto represent 60 percent of the COVID cases,” said Ford, saying that a more direct approach needed to be made. Officers from those regions called for school closures, business closures, as well as travel restrictions, according to the Toronto Sun. “A stay-at-home order issued by the province through an emergency order is necessary to prevent and mitigate large-scale morbidity and mortality and irreparable strain on the health-care system,” reads a letter sent Sunday to Dr. David Williams, the province’s chief medical officer. The letter calls for more paid sick days, as well as more businesses to be shut down.

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