Refusal By Health Officials & Politicians To Emphasize Link Between Obesity & COVID-19 Outcomes Is Inexcusable


Political correctness and misguided ‘compassion’ has so thoroughly come to dominate all aspects of our society that those in power no longer admit the truth even when it’s staring every right in the face. Here’s a Tweet from Kulvinder Kaur, an Ontario physician who has been speaking out against the prevailing (and ever-changing) narrative pushed by much of the media & political establishment: “Based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence, what are 2 significant modifiable risk factors of Covid mortality? Obesity & Vitamin D deficiency. 382 days of “14 days to flatten curve” Why are govts still not making basic health promotion recommendations to reduce mortality risk?” An essential point is being raised here. In a year in which we were constantly told by health officials and politicians that they were constantly ‘following the science,’ they have ignored the science in a way that is absolutely inexcusable. In fact, for all the areas in which science is still being discussed and disputed (it was always meant to be a constant learning process rather than religious style edicts), there is clear evidence of the fact that COVID-19 outcomes are directly related to obesity.

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