Boulder, New York, D.C. – and The Myth of The Evil, White Male


The left gnaws its nails over three recent monstrous crimes. These white supremacists are diabolically clever. Lately, they’ve taken to disguising themselves as Syrian Muslim refugees, black men on parole for killing their mother and homicidal Farrakhan supporters. After the Atlanta massage parlor shootings, the racial-guilt industry went into overdrive. The shooter was routinely described as a white male who had targeted Asian women. (Aside: Very few Bulgarian dwarfs work at massage parlors.) The man who confessed to the killings denied that he was motivated by race. He claimed he was suffering from sex addiction and wanted to get temptation out of the way. Insane, vile — but not necessarily racist. Still, the left wasn’t going to give up on its evil-white-man/victims-of-color scenario. Biden, who’s yet to visit the border, rushed to Atlanta to denounce anti-Asian hate crimes. The administration announced it was redirecting $49.5 million in COVID spending to combat the “rising tide of anti-Asian violence.” According to the FBI’s 2019 Uniform Crime Reports (the most recent available), the perpetrators of anti-Asian hate crimes are twice as like to be black than white. Since African Americans are 12.3% of the population, the disparity is even more pronounced. The media seized on an opportunity to bash President Trump for supposedly creating an anti-Asian backlash by referring to COVID 19 as the “China virus.” (Let’s pretend it didn’t originate in a Wu Han lab.) Little did we know that what we called the Hong Kong flu and Asian flu in the 1950s were meant to stigmatize Asians and the Spanish Flu was intended to arouse animosity against sunny Spain. But the left is gnawing its nails over the next three headline-grabbing crimes. The man arrested for the murder of 10 at a Boulder supermarket on March 22 is a refugee from Syria. On his Face Book page Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa said he was a devout Muslim who believed racist-America was the principal purveyor of “Islamophobia” worldwide, and he hated Donald Trump. Probably not a candidate for the Colorado militia.

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