American military closes secretive Guantanamo prison unit, transfers prisoners


A once-secret unit within the Guantanamo Bay detention center has been closed and its prisoners moved, after it had fallen into disrepair. In a statement on Sunday, the U.S. Southern Command announced that the prisoners were transferred “safely and without incident” from Camp VII (Camp 7), to Camp V (Camp 5), but did not say when the transfer occurred. The operation was a part of an effort to consolidate all prisoners from three to two detention facilities, in order to “increase operational efficiency and effectiveness” and reduce operational costs. Those at Camp 7 were transferred to another facility, adjacent to where other prisoners are still being held on the secretive American base in Cuba. The so-called “adjustment” does not compromise safety or the ability to provide “safe, legal and humane care to” prisoners, stated the Miami-based Southern Command. The secretive Camp 7 was originally opened in 2006, and was for prisoners who had previously been held in a “network of clandestine CIA detention facilities,” reported the Associated Free Press (AFP).

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