Alarming Results of Montana Audit Highlight Importance of AZ’s and Other Swing States’ Election Reviews


The results of an election audit in Montana’s deep-blue Missoula County show the importance of similar reviews in key swing states such as Georgia and Arizona. The findings also speak strongly to why the U.S. House-passed HR 1 should never become the law of the land. In the summer of 2020, then-Gov. Steve Bullock, a Democrat, issued a directive allowing counties in the Big Sky State to conduct the Nov. 3 general election by mail-in ballots in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Real Clear Investigations reported. Further, a Montana judge struck down a voter-enacted law in September banning so-called ballot harvesting. Missoula County, which Democrat Joe Biden carried by just shy of 24 percentage points, opted for full mail-in voting. Democrat Hillary Clinton won the county by just over 15 percent in 2016, so Biden enjoyed a 9 percent swing in his favor. GOP state Rep. Brad Tschida, whose district is in Missoula County, told The Western Journal an audit of the 2020 election results showed significant issues. There were approximately 72,500 ballots cast, recounted Tschida, who was one of those involved in pursuing the audit.

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