War in Europe in the cards as Russia places troops on Ukraine border: Analyst


Video has surfaced reportedly showing the Russian military moving towards the annexed region of Crimea and rebel-held eastern Ukraine. Independent military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer has warned that Russia’s decision to allegedly move 4,000 troops to the Ukrainian border could trigger “a European or even World War.” Felgenhauer made the statement in an interview with Russian news outlet Rosbalt, according to the Daily Mail. Michael Kofman, an American expert on Russia, suggests that “while there was ‘no strong evidence that an attack is imminent’ it was clear ‘something is up outside of regular exercises or normal troop rotation.'” The Russian government said that the west “should not worry,” but also stated that it would “take extra measures if NATO sends troops” in response. Ukrainian military intelligence fears that Russia will one day move “occupation forces” deep into their country. The United States has “pledged unwavering support to Ukraine.”

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