Maine Considers Legalizing Viking Funerals


From human composting to chewing gum coffins, we’ve brought you many stories about strange and unusual funeral practices. But now the state of Maine is looking to put everyone else to shame when it comes to burials. A new bill submitted to the Maine state Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee would legalize open-air funeral pyres. In other words, this is the closest you could get to an actual Viking funeral. The picture of the legendary Viking funerary practice has become synonymous with literally going out in a blaze of glory. There’s just something about having your earthly remains disposed of by setting them off in a burning boat that’s so cool. The funeral pyre keeps popping up in popular media as well. If you’ve watched The Game of Thrones, Vikings, or even The Phantom Menace, you’ve seen great warriors and chieftains depart the living world with a fiery send-off. Funeral pyres are still commonly used – especially for high-ranking individuals – in the Far East, for example. Should the bill pass, non-profit corporations in Maine would be allowed to conduct open-air cremations if they meet certain caveats.

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