‘Kill the bill’ protestors in the UK clash with police while marching against proposed law


British protestors have taken to the streets and gotten involved in sometimes physical confrontation with police as protests continue over a new proposed law which would increase police powers. Reports say that in London, one protest saw violence taking place between police and protestors as tensions rose. The incident happened in Central London, at a rally where thousands upon thousands of protestors attended. Twenty-six people were arrested and ten police officers suffered minor injuries during the incident. According to Reuters, the “kill the bill” marches have been held in dozens of places throughout UK territory. These marches have the support of many big groups such as BLM and Extinction Rebellion, who share a common concern over this issue, as they would almost certainly be affected by it. In fact, many fill that the new bill, which gives police sweeping new powers to quell street demonstrations, it at least in part due to the actions of Extinction Rebellion, a militant group which claims to be fighting for action on climate change.

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