Ilhan Omar Desperately Tries to Tie AR-15s to Bloody Knife Attack at Capitol


Radical Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota found a way to make Friday’s deadly auto and knife attack against U.S. Capitol police officers about AR-15 rifles. Noah Green, 25, is the suspect in the Friday attack. USA Today reported Green rammed his car into two Capitol Police Department officers in Washington, D.C. outside of the Capitol, killing officer William “Billy” Evans. Green then reportedly exited the vehicle armed with a knife, a weapon which can be purchased virtually anywhere, and charged at other officers. He was killed after police fired at him in self-defense. The suspect described himself as a follower of racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Facebook, according to the New York Post. Additionally, Green’s ethnicity is non-white, so this story will most certainly disappear from network news broadcasts and other mainstream media outlets in the coming days. But before any of that occurs, Omar apparently saw the tragic carnage reportedly caused by Green to connect his alleged actions to one of the Democratic Party’s sworn enemies: firearms.

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