Syria’s civil war can only end with separation


Bibi Netanyahu can only dream of this: 21 straight years in power, absolute electoral victories, no coalition talks, no judiciary to battle and no media to curse. The side effects of this political monopolism — a civil war’s carnage, displacement, dispossession, and biblical-scale butchery — have done nothing to make its beneficiary depart. On the contrary, Bashar Assad is sitting pretty even as his civil war now enters its 11th year, while his eternal presidency is set to enter its fourth seven-year term. The man who killed more Arabs than anyone else in modern history is going nowhere. Worse, the efforts to craft a postwar Syria have no guiding idea, since its multiple belligerents and patrons all fail to prescribe the only medication that can cure Syria’s sectarian disease: divorce. THERE ARE currently two main blueprints for postwar Syria: Assad’s and Vladimir Putin’s.

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