Are cheaper eggs just as nutritious as organic or free-run options? Marketplace tested 14 brands to find out


Some of the cheapest, widely available eggs tested by Marketplace may be just as nutritious as some of the most expensive. These eggs can vary in price at the grocery store from about $2.75 per dozen to more than $7.49 per dozen, with many options in between. Usually, the least expensive that Marketplace tested were conventional eggs, while the organic eggs were the most expensive. And when it came to the organic eggs, not all of them tested equally. In Marketplace’s test, organic eggs produced on small farms had more nutrients than the big-brand organic eggs sold at Canada’s largest grocers under private labels and by two of the largest egg brands in the country… In the first comparison, the team focused on conventional and organic eggs sold by the biggest grocers in Canada — Loblaws and Sobeys — as well as some of the biggest egg brands on the market — Burnbrae and LH Gray, which sells Gray Ridge and GoldEgg. For most of the nutrients tested, there were no large differences between the cheaper conventional eggs and the more expensive organic options.

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