Prosecution ends first week of Derek Chauvin trial on high note as officers cross ‘blue line’


The prosecution closed the first week of the Derek Chauvin murder trial with more impactful testimony. While the week began with dramatic, and at times, heart-piercing testimony from bystanders who witnessed George Floyd’s last moments alive, the testimonies that concluded the week were less dramatic but equally, if not more, detrimental to the defense. Zimmerman, the highest-ranking officer on the Minneapolis police force, more than delivered for the prosecution. He, like Minneapolis police Sgt. David Ploeger the day before, condemned Chauvin’s use of force. Zimmerman said that since 1985, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) has taught that once a person is handcuffed, if they are in the prone position (on their stomach) it is difficult for them to breathe and so they should be turned over immediately. “You need to turn them on their side or have them sit up,” he said. Zimmerman also said police are not trained to kneel on a person’s neck and called it a “top-tier, deadly” use of force that shouldn’t occur. “If your knee is on a person’s neck, that could kill him,” he said. “They didn’t pay $27 million to the Floyd family to be nice,” said Henderson.

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