The biggest gender reveal fails ever: 10 parties gone terribly wrong


What more will it take for parents to decide that gender reveal stunts aren’t worth the risks? On Wednesday, news broke that an ill-fated gender reveal scheme had resulted in the deaths of two individuals on board a single-engine Cessna 206 after the plane plunged into the ocean near the shores of Cancun — where an expectant family had planned to announce their unborn baby’s sex in a banner overhead. The parents-to-be along with friends and family gawked in horror as the aircraft, streaming the sign “It’s a girl!” in tow, took a nosedive into the Nichupte Lagoon. The horrific accident is a sobering reminder that such gender reveal stunts have hurt or killed several people in recent years, and have even become a very real threat to the environment. One recent explosive reveal in San Bernardino County, California prompted a forest fire that saw nearly 23,000 acres of wildlife around the El Dorado Ranch Park destroyed.

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