Ottawa stopped in bid to block creation of detailed residential school statistics


The Ontario Court of Appeal on Thursday overturned a decision the federal government won last year to prevent the creation of detailed statistical reports that would reveal which residential schools had the highest rates of abuse. The appeal court found that the lower Ontario court judge did not have enough evidence to determine the proposed reports — known as static reports — would violate the privacy of residential school survivors, according to a written ruling released Thursday. The ruling ordered the matter be reheard with appropriate evidence before Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Perell, who initially sided with the federal government in his now-overturned January 2020 decision. “There was no evidence before the … judge in support of his belief … that ‘it might be possible to deduce confidential personal information from some of the proposed status reports,” the appeal court said in its decision. “Nor has Canada submitted any concrete privacy or confidentiality concerns about specific identifiable information.”

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