If Politicians Are Unwilling To Learn & Adapt, What Are We Paying Them For?


Making mistakes or being overly cautions at the beginning of a crisis is understandable. But to continue those errors, while failing to engage in even the most basic outside the box thinking, is unacceptable. As I wrote earlier, Ontario’s new lockdown is the definition of insanity. Toronto has been under the strictest lockdown in North America for months, yet cases keep going up. Businesses have been on a brutal rollercoaster, being allowed to open, then closed again, then opened, and now closed. Now, that’s being extended to the rest of the province. Yet, this entire time, any emphasis on physical fitness and health has been ignored. Many of the politicians and ‘experts’ we are supposed to take health advice from are themselves often in pretty poor physical shape: “Why are we taking health advice from politicians and ‘experts’ who are in terrible physical shape?” In addition to this, the advice has been absolutely contradictory. In fact, we currently have the national advisory council advising that AstraZeneca shots should be halted for individuals under 55, while confusion seemed to reign about whether the public health department supported that recommendation.

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