Watch: Poilievre reveals that WE Charity spoke to Trudeau’s office the same day they started spending money ahead of contract


Conservative Shadow Minister Pierre Poilievre pressed Liberal House Leader Pablo Rodriguez on Tuesday, highlighting the major coincidence between the time that WE Charity started spending federal cash and a conversation with Trudeau’s advisor Rick Theis. Theis serves as Trudeau’s Director of Policy and Cabinet Affairs. “What a coinky-dink,” said Poilievre to Rodriguez. “Is that what it is? A coincidence, that the same day the prime minister’s advisor spoke to the WE Organization, they started spending money?” asked Poilievre. “To be clear, you say the PMO had nothing to do with giving this money over. On May 5, Rick Theis, top advisor to Trudeau, talks to the WE organization and on May 5, without even a contract being signed, the WE organization starts spending a half billion dollar government grand. big coincidence, right?” WE did not sign a contract with the government for the half-billion grant until June 23. [Includes video]

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