Breaking: Feds, Ford government announce new vaccine-manufacturing plant to be built in Toronto


A new influenza vaccine manufacturing facility to be build in Toronto funded by the governments of Canada and Ontario was announced this morning by members of the Trudeau cabinet and Ontario Premier Doug Ford. The federal government of Canada has partnered with the global pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur LTD. to build said manufacturing plant. “This is a critical investment as it will create 300 high quality jobs and push Ontario toward becoming less reliant on others for the production of flu and potentially other vaccines,” said Premier Ford in a statement. “By supporting companies like Sanofi we will continue to strengthen our excellent pharmaceutical sector and ensure we are prepared for future public health events with Made in Ontario products.” The Canadian federal government will be investing $415 million, while Ontario’s government will contribute an additional $55 million. Sanofi is investing $455 million in the project, which will create 1,225 skilled jobs for Canada. Sanofi will also be investing at least $79 million per year to fund research and development in Canada.

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