Biden left with egg on his face as facts of Capitol ‘riot’ wind through courts


Democrats have been bloviating for months now about an “insurrection” and a ‘threat to democracy’ in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. They’ve razor-wired up the Capitol and deployed tens of thousands of unsmiling National Guard troops, making the capital of the free world look more like Kinshasa, Yamoussoukro, Damascus, or Cairo. Joe Biden called it an “existential” threat to the U.S., trying to go Sartre on us. Democrat narrative-maker (and creative writing major) Ben Rhodes, according to MSNBC claimed: “The Jan 6th insurrection was a ‘terrorist attack on the heart of American democracy.’” Which presumably should have offered some pitched battles, explosions, blood in the streets, heads on pikes, mobs with torches, and lots and lots of guns, the way other people’s insurrections do. Nope, the miserable event was nothing but a pumped-up crowd upset about election fraud, with a few bounders, and a situation that got out of control with an inadequate Capitol police guard allowing, or even inviting them, to come in to the Capitol to yell about it. This occurred as Congress formalized the presidential vote for Joe Biden, in an election where all signs point to a lot of ballot fraud.

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