6 Weirdest Pets That You Can Legally Own


Most of us are happy with a dog or a cat for a pet. But not everyone is satisfied with a regular furry goofball. For those of you who like more exotic pets – or maybe you just want to see what kinds of animals some weirdoes keep in their homes – here are six weird animals that you can actually legally own. On the not-so-weird-but-still-kind-of-weird end of the scale, we have hedgehogs. These spiny little critters are cute and make for surprisingly great pets. They’re not particularly cuddly or attention-hungry, which is probably for the better. But they’re gentle and quiet, and with frequent handling they’ll learn to like being picked up and running around on your chest. They’re low-maintenance pets that can be fed on cat kibble. They also like going to town on mealworms, crickets, caterpillars, and fresh bananas and green beans. Getting your own hedgehog will send you back $75-$250 dollars, depending on what kind of a hedgehog you want. They’re legal to own in most of the U.S., apart from Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, and Pennsylvania.

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