Watch: Liberal House leader delivers zero answers in WE Scandal testimony


Liberal House leader Pablo Rodriguez did not know as he testified to the House of Commons ethics committee on events surrounding the WE Charity scandal. Among Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s many missteps, perhaps the most notable is the ongoing WE Charity scandal. Early last year, Trudeau awarded a contract to WE Charity, putting them in charge of administering the $912 million Canada Student Summer Grant program. The charity had close ties to the Trudeau family, leading many to believe that the prime minister had given them preferential treatment, thus violating the Conflict of Interest Act. The committee had expected to hear from director of policy to the prime minister, Rick Theis, however in a sudden change of plans on Sunday, Rodriguez informed them that he would “attend the meeting on behalf of the government.” The swap puzzled many, since Rodriguez had no direct connection to the WE Charity scandal.

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