McKenna Channels Borg Queen, Shares Quote Saying ‘Resistance’ To Carbon Tax Is ‘Futile’


Usually, a high-level official in a democratic nation doesn’t like to cast opposition to their policies as being impossible. After all, the idea that we always have a choice on policy through elections, and that the public can change their mind is a big part of the entire reason democracy exists. If we have permanent, unchangeable policy, we may as well be a dictatorship. Yet, Catherine McKenna seems to have a different approach. In a recent Tweet, McKenna shared a quote saying resistance to the carbon tax is futile: “”Thanks to the high court, but also the Canadian people, carbon taxes are here to stay. Resistance is, as they say, futile.” Spot on editorial in the @TheSpec.” “Two points on this. 1. thank you for acknowledging that it is in fact a tax. And 2. The borg is a metaphor for colonialism, You don’t want to conform, we will force you to do it, whether agree or not. Congrats on being this clueless and not realizing what it is you are pushing.”

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