Biden’s insane new spend-fest is a recipe for national disaster


Three. Trillion. Dollars. Maybe four: That’s how much President Joe Biden wants for his next installment of Let’s Remake America. Think of it as pumping gasoline by the shipload onto a wildfire. Fresh off signing a $1.9 trillion bill for “COVID relief” (that has little to do with COVID or relief), the prez is now set to roll out yet another tranche of his free-money orgy Wednesday. It’s so huge, he’s splitting it into two parts — one focusing on infrastructure, a second on progressive, social-policy wish-list items. Together, they’d represent the single-largest outlay of cash in US history. And the aim is to “fix” everything from the nation’s insufficiently-= green economy to “income inequality” to child care, even as it miraculously revives domestic-manufacturing jobs while making the country carbon-neutral. Biden’s been sold on the idea he can be the new FDR, imposing a historic nationwide transformation — including the Green New Deal fantasy of socialist-progressives like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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