Watch: Two Weeks Ago, Patty Hajdu Said Government Was “Confident In The Safety Of AstraZeneca”


And when asked by Conservative Health Critic Michelle Rempel Garner about concerns to “any age group or demographic,” a Health Canada official said there was “no concern in Canada.” Sometimes, I feel the need to write a lot about something. Other times, a video says it all. So, here’s a video showing the debacle of the Liberal government on AstraZeneca, as Patty Hajdu says she’s “confident in the safety of AstraZeneca” and an official tells Michelle Rempel Garner there’s ‘no concern.’ “In the span of about two weeks and after thousands of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine had been administered, the federal Liberal government has spun in circles on safety advice. Watch this debacle (with date stamps) to see how badly the Liberals have botched this issue.”

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