Watch: Trudeau says climate change ’emergency’ has been ‘made worse by the pandemic’


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau virtually attended a United Nations meeting focused on international debt architecture and financial liquidity on Monday, where he expressed concerns over the financial woes being faced by emerging economies. Appearing alongside the UN’s Secretary General António Guterres and Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Trudeau said that the ongoing crisis on climate change and the economic challenges that come with it have been “made worse” by the pandemic. “Several countries have already defaulted, a significant number of emerging economies face serious fiscal challenges, and many developing countries are in debt distress. This comes on top of the economic effects of ongoing emergencies like climate change, which have only been made worse by the pandemic,” said the prime minister. Truly building back better,” said Trudeau,” means creating good jobs and growing clean, resilient economies. It means ensuring the legacy of this crisis isn’t one of rolling back progress for anyone,” said Trudeau, touting his taskforce on women in the economy “to ensure that no one gets left behind.”

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