Watch: Conservative MPs call for Trudeau to end ‘cover-ups’ surrounding sexual misconduct allegations, WE Charity


Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics Michael Barrett and Conservative Shadow Minister for Jobs and Industry Pierre Poilievre issued the following statement calling on the Liberals to respect Canadians and end what they describe as a “cover-up” surrounding sexual misconduct allegations and the WE Charity scandal. “Prime Minister Trudeau says ministers, not staff, should testify on conduct in their offices. We accept his point of view. So instead of having staff members in his office testify about WE scandal correspondence, we will accept their minister, Justin Trudeau himself, to come and testify. He is the minister responsible for the Prime Minister’s Office. He is effectively offering to testify to explain staff conduct and we accept his offer. “Last week, the Liberal government received a clear message. The key players – or Justin Trudeau – must testify on the cover-up of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Liberals’ WE scandal. Instead of doing the right thing and coming clean with Canadians, the Liberals instructed these key players to continue to cover-up the truth.

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