New details about Cuomo’s VIP COVID-19 testing scheme revealed


A top state physician who was tasked with solving coronavirus-testing issues at New York nursing homes made several hours-long visits to CNN host Chris Cuomo’s Hamptons house to test him for the virus, according to a new report. Around the same time, Kenneth Cole — the fashion designer who is married to the Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sister — received preferential coronavirus testing at a state-run facility. Those stories were among a number of new details revealed by the Washington Post about the VIP treatment for coronavirus testing overseen by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Seven people with firsthand knowledge of the alleged favoritism — who spoke anonymously out of fear of retribution from the governor —detailed the preferential treatment to the newspaper. In March of 2020, testing cases were fast tracked at state facilities for people described as “priorities,” “specials,” “inner circle” or “criticals,” multiple sources told the newspaper.

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