Instead Of A Carbon Tax On Canadians, Impose ‘Climate Tariffs’ On China


We need to decouple our economy from China anyway, and if calling tariffs ‘climate tariffs’ is what governments need to feel good about it then it’s worth the price. When it comes to emissions, there is one clear trend above all others: While emissions are declining in North America and Europe, those reductions are being outdone by rising emissions in China. Emissions are rising both in China, and in other parts of Asia in large part due to China’s financing of the construction of many new coal power plants. In short, while we restrict our economy here at home and impose burdens on our citizens, China is taking advantage, growing their economy (which of course makes it easier for them to grow their military), and seeking to catch up to, and then supplant their democratic rivals. At the same time, we have also seen how overly dependent we are on China. Our inability to produce here at home has left us vulnerable and at the mercy of a country that is acting increasingly hostile. The solution then is to further decouple our economy from China, and tariffs are a key way to do that.

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